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No Gimmicks or

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Just the real thing!

Did you know that whitetail deer has approximately 297 million olfactory receptors in their nose? Give or take a few. In comparison, the average human has only around 5 million. To say a whitetails sense of smell is better than humans would be a huge understatement. But if you think that old, rotten, rancid bottle of deer lure stinks, imagine what a whitetail is smelling. So here is the real question. Why use old, stale deer lures when you can have it straight from the doe? Who 

knows how long that 1 oz. bottle of "estrous doe scent" has sat on the store shelf. (If that is really what's in the bottle.) Bottom line, by the time you buy it, it is basically ammonia. Thus the rancid, burn your nostrils smell. Yea, you know what I am talking about. We have all stuck a bottle up to the nose of an unsuspecting wife or friend. Good Times, Good Times.

"Teaser" Seductive Doe Estrous is collected, bottled and immediately refrigerated daily at the peak of a doe's cycle to ensure freshness. No additives, no preservatives, just pure, premium doe estrous urine.

Here is something to think about. When those love struck bucks are looking for receptive does, do you want a scent that smells like the doe is in the area or has been recently? Or a scent that smells as though the doe could have been there days or weeks ago?

Why 20 oz. Bottles? We feel that hunters will be more inclined to use the product liberally if they have a larger quantity. Think about it. When have you seen a deer pee two or three drops? We don't want hunters to ration their scent because they are paying anywhere from $10-$30 an ounce. We also do not want hunters to reuse the scent for three, four days or more. Throw away those scent wicks after the hunt and use fresh scent the next day. 

So are you ready to see how a real, fresh deer urine product looks and smells? Order your bottle of Teaser Seductive Doe estrous today and start "Teasing" those horny bucks.

Available in 8 oz and 20 oz bottles.

Check the price and compare. You'll see!

Teaser products are packed to keep the product cool during shipping. Please note......we only ship on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays to ensure the product is not sitting in a depot over the weekend. We ship USPS Flat Rate 2-3 day. 

Be sure to send us your success photos and stories to......





TEASER DEER SCENTS are shipped cold in insulated shipping boxes with ice packs to keep the urine cool through shipping. We use primarily USPS flat rate large and medium shipping.

When the rutting activity starts heating up there is nothing better to get those love sick bucks wound up. A combination of buck and doe urine at the peak of the rut cycle enhanced again with specific gland secretions to drive those bucks crazy. Use in active scrapes or on a drag rag as a trailing scent.

Fresh buck urine collected from a 2 1/2

or 5 year old buck is now available at the same price of $1 per ounce. 

A mixture of doe family urine. From the old matriarch doe to the yearling fawns. Use as a cover scent or curiosity scent and attractant.

Care and use

It is recommended that your Teaser Deer Scent is stored in a cool, dark environment preferably a refrigerator.

Take what you will use for the day's hunt from the main container (small pill bottles, cleaned and dried work well). Replace the cap of the main contain and squeeze the bottle until the urine reaches the top of the bottle to remove the air and tighten the cap.

Do not reuse scent wicks. Once the scent has been subjected to light and air it will begin to break down, start growing bacteria and will become any other deer scent. Besides, you want your scent to smell like the deer is there when you are or has just been there.

Well, the Kansas trip was a success. I had this buck 125 yards downwind of me a few times as he was checking for does. In a last ditch effort, I took out some of my Seductive Doe Estrous and poured it out all over the cedars below me. I noticed he started lip curling a few minutes later and started checking some does closer. He ended up following a few does into range. He buck "growled", lip curled again and came to 24 yards. I had a bad case of buck fever, but got the shot off and the arrow flew true. Thanks for the scent, it was fun seeing how the deer reacted to it. I haven't scored the buck but he is my personal best with a bow. He weighed well over 250 live, and was estimated to be 5.5-6.5 years old.

-Dusty McGehee , Louisiana

Jered Hook, Iowa

I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I have used a lot of deer lure, but you have one hell of a product and I will be ordering again next year!!!!! Keep up the good work, look forward to using it again. 


Jered Hook                                   

7pt. Killed in Venango county 11/01/12 9:55am. This buck came in directly to one of my scent wicks using the "Teaser". 1st year using your product and have been very satisfied. Will be back next year, thanks!

Kirk Master, Pennsylvania


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